7 questions and answers about succesful crowdfunding campaigns for small teams

1. How many people work on a campaign & in what roles?
Marketing manager (included in the daily job)
Graphic designer (a few days of work)
Video guy
PR& copywriter (few days of work)
Support & Social Media (included in the daily job)
Email Marketing Specialist (sending out emails -no automatic option for that)
Product Manager (to create, deliver products)
CEO – concept

2. Where can you source knowledge from?

Basically by looking at other similar campaigns, reading articles, having other succesful crwodfunders similar to you give some advice.
3. Should you use media/advertising specialists – any outside agencies ?
That is an option, the other option is to use only the team.

Platforms that promote crowdfunding campaigns, only spread the press release among some sites with not a very noticeble impact.
You can look for support in the local tech communities.
4. What question should I be asking of myself & my small team?
You don’t need a dedicated team for this, you need to integrate it in your day-to-day job. What is important though is to have a really good video producer, and a good message.

The question you should ask is why haven’t you tried it yet. If you have a good story, a nice presentation (video, image) and you address the right people you should have an amount of success.

5. What should I remember without fail?
Have a clear message and a good story. Don’t make any compromises in video/audio quality.
I don’t know if you read the comparison of the cooler campaign, first time they failed, second time they did it better and managed to reach their goal.

6. Anything I should forget or avoid?
Avoid too many perks, or a too complicated process of delivery, keep it simple, you don’t need logistical over-head.

7. What can you get wrong (if anything) during your bid?
Additional work in the logistics part which can not really pay off, too many perks, overpromising, poor quality of the products you aim to sell/produce.

Some insight: we get most of our funding from our community, so it’s good to promote it first of all among them. Or, if you don’t have a well established community try to find one that resonates with your product and promote it there.